South African Artist • pencil • watercolour • oil • miniatures •

International Award-Winning Artist Karyn Wiggill

Welcome to my website!

I am an international award-winning South African Artist, specialising in pencil, watercolour, oil and miniatures.

My pencil work is extremely detailed and finely reproduces captured daily moments, portraiture, wildlife, and expressive landscapes. The detail I pour into each work of art gives it an almost haunting, but beautiful life of its own that separates it from others and places it in a genre somewhere in between representational and photorealism.

Although I produce works in all sizes, I spend a good deal of time on traditional fine art miniatures*. My detailed work also features in Botanical Watercolours whereas my artworks in oil show a more impressionistic technique.

Large Oil Human Figures

Pencil Wildlife Drawings

Investec Commission – multiple publications

Karyn Wiggill completed a large commission of 50 tiny drawings for Investec (16mm each), and was also featured in various newspapers and publications

“Award winning artist Karyn Wiggill” – Featured in Investec Videos